Importance of blood in the human body


The answer is simple but very important. Yes, we need enough blood in our body and most important function of the blood is to carry the food and oxygen different parts of the body — oxygen from our lungs and food from the stomach and also there are so many hormones released into the blood which are taken to different parts of the body.

If we do not have enough blood in our body, we can feel very, very weak and if we lose a lot of blood quickly, we can faint, pass out or even die. But if we lose blood very slowly over the years, then we will not have any symptoms for this.

We will not have any pain or fever or a feeling of dizziness, but our energy level will go down, we will feel very tired. If you are 20 years old, you could work for 7 to 8 hours every day, you will be tired only after 2 hours.

This is true especially with our Indian girls who are aware that they do not have enough blood in their body, but I have seen again and again our young girls feel that since they do not have any symptoms, so they do not need to do anything about it, that is absolutely incorrect.

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