Pimples: Why do they happen


There are several reasons why we get pimples and mostly pimples happen to the young people between ages 12 to 24. This is like almost 85% of the people and can continue in young adults and pimples can persist in young adulthood. There are several reasons: –

  • Can be genetics
  • Can be hormonal
  • Because of the sebum production
  • Because of the comedones formation
  • And, because of the bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes

Genetics means our genetics control our activity or our sebaceous gland. These are the glands in our skin.

Sebum is an oily substance that is produced by our sebaceous gland which is in our skin. It covers our skin. It makes skin moist and it is also protective. In other words, it helps to maintain the healthiness of our skin.

When we start becoming sexually mature the adrenaline glands in our body start producing a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate which leads to the increased production of the sebum. People may not realize it our face is very, very vascular. And the least vascular areas are in front of our shins and the area around our ankles.

The reason I am saying this is any cut happens on our face heals very fast because of the excellent blood supply of our face and the same thing
if you have an injury on your shin and every doctor knows that if there is an injury of the ankle, outside of the ankle it does not heal. Yes, it needs such aggressive management. On the face, we can easily do skin transplants because of the very vascular face.

It will take skin from one body to another on our face quickly but if we try to do it on our ankle it will never work that is one thing you will learn in your medical college, do not even try it. When there is excessive production, it leads to accumulation of keratin, follicular plugging, accumulation of keratin and there is a bacterium that starts multiplying called Propionibacterium acnes.

It is a Gram-positive rod-like bacteria. At that time, we may also call it comedones and we try to squeeze it or apply pressure to rupture, it can cause more inflammatory reaction around the pimple. While we are very conscious about pimples on our face, it happens on the chest, on our shoulders, and our upper back also.

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