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Road safety refers to the measures and techniques used to prevent accidents on road and safeguard the road users from being injured or killed. The road users include cyclists, pedestrians, bike riders, motorists, car drivers, bus drivers and various other private vehicle passengers as well as the passengers on road using public transport such as busses and rickshaws, cabs, etc.The basic strategy of road safety system is to ensure and encourage more responsible and safe driving, reduce the traffic flow as well as make certain that in any scenario of crash or accident the impact force remains below the threshold liable to cause serious injuries or death.


Road safety is very important during the road and must be well know by all because the main reasons for death are becoming a road accident. Everyone should know about the traffic rules and safety rules from their early days so that they can adopt a protective behavior in later life. Here are some road safety rules:

  • All those walking on the road should walk towards their left, especially the driver coming from the other side and the vehicle coming from the other side.
  • The driver should keep the speed slow while driving on the road.
  • Be more careful while moving on more busy roads and road junctions.
  • Two-wheelers should wear good quality helmets or they should not come on the road without a helmet.
  • Keep the speed of the carriage up to the prescribed limits, especially in schools, hospitals, colony etc.
  • All vehicles must be fixed distance from other vehicles.
  • All the people walking on roads are well aware of the signs and rules on the road.
  • Keep the rules and regulations of road safety in mind during the journey


As we all know that road accidents, injuries and deaths have become very common in today’s days. The main reason for such accidents on the road is the ignore of road traffic rules and road safety measures by the people. Regarding road accidents, we always hear in the news or by our friends, due to driving in the wrong direction, lack of road safety rules and measures, fast speed, drunk driving etc. To reduce the number of everyday road accidents, the government has set up various types of road traffic and road safety rules for all those who use road to protect them. We must obey all those rules and controllers such as the use of protective movement, use of safeguards, keeping the speed limit correct, understanding the road marks etc.Due to the use of cell phones or other electronic equipment during the drive, the danger of road accidents has increased due to the driver’s distraction. In such cases, traffic rules and laws help you to avoid road accidents and injuries. Road safety measures are weapons that can save you from expensive traffic jurisdictions, serious crimes, removal of driving licenses etc. Pedestrians also know the rules for walking on the road such as proper use of the crosswalk, the use of the zebra crossing etc.

Road Safety Paragraph 4 (300 words)

Road safety, a growing concern these days, refers to the methods and measures taken to prevent accidents on the road. It is aimed at safeguarding the road users to reduce the risks of injuries and deaths in road accidents. It is estimated that every year around 1.3 million people are killed and around 50 million people are injured in road accidents worldwide. These injuries and deaths can be prevented with road safety measures and its efficient implication. Millions of lives can be saved with road safety measures.

Road Safety Facts

  • Each day around 3000 people die globally due to road crashes.
  • Worldwide road crashes have become the chief cause of death for young people aged between 15-29 years.
  • 91% of the global road disasters occur in underdeveloped and developing countries.
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and bikers account for 50% of the deaths globally on roads.
  • Millions of people remain disabled and have to suffer for lifetime due to road crashes.
  • Without efficient road safety measures it is estimated that by 2020 the road accidents may result in death of around 1.9 million people yearly.
  • The financial cost globally of road fatalities is approximately US$518 billion yearly.

Road Safety Engagement

IFRC was the first organization to highlight the extremity of road safety disasters.IFRC, the World Bank and DFID (British Government’s Department for International Development) formed a Global Road Safety Partnership to collaborate governments and government agencies and civil society and private sectors to undertake road safety crisis especially in underdeveloped and developing countries.The International Road Federation has an operational group committed to road safety. They work with their association to advocate road safety measures through infrastructure development and collaboration with other international organizations. Risk reduction and prevention is its fundamental priority.TSR (Together for Safer Roads) is a federation that unifies the global private sector companies across industries to improve road safety and focuses on five road safety areas.


In order to reduce the number of road accidents and injury cases, road safety is very important for all age groups to be alert and safe. Therefore, everyone should strictly follow all the rules, controllers and signs of road traffic lights. To get proper education by the teachers in the school and to get good education from the children at home, their children should be well aware of road safety through correct knowledge.

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