TOP 100 Question of Geography- For SSC, Railway, RRB,UPSC and Govt exam

geography gk in one liner

Geography One Liners : General Knowledge Questions with Answers

1. Which type of forest covers the maximum area in India? Tropical Moist DeciduousForest

2. What is the term as the drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentaryrocks?Trellis
3. Which ecosystem covers the largest area of the earth’s surface? Marine Ecosystem
4. What percentage of insolation is received by the earth’s surface? 47%
5. What type of climate is best suited for horticulture? Mediterranean
6. Which city is associated with the river Mekong? PhnomPenh
7. Which is the busiest oceanic trade route? North Atlantic Route
8. What is the average salinity of sea water? 3.50%
9. The winds which never change their direction are called? Planetary Winds
10. Who discovered South Pole? Amundsen
11. The Karakoram Highway connects which pairs of countries? China – Pakistan
12. What is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust? Aluminium
13. What is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust? Oxygen
14. After howmany years does Halley’s comet appear once in a period? 76 years
15. rainfall that occurs when wind rises up along a hill ? Orographic
16. In which country are the broken hill famous for zinc and lead? Australia
17. Which is most prone to earthquakes? Young folded mountains
18. What is the length of India’s coastline? About 7500 Km
19. How many kms are represented by 10° of latitudes? 111 kms
20. Which is a global biodiversity hotspot in India? Western Ghats
21. Where are the islands of Seychelles located? Indian Ocean
22. Mangroove vegetation in India is most extensive in which forest? Sundarbans
23. Suez Canal joins which two Sea? Red & Mediterranean Sea
24. Which biome has the highest species diversity? Tropical Rain Forests
25. Which country in Africa has luxurious tropical rain forests? Ivory Coast
26. Which crop requires continuous semiaquatic condition for cultivation? Rice
27. Where are a large number of species are found within a small unit of area? Wet Evergreen Equatorialforests
28. Which mountain range stretches from Gujarat in west to Delhi in the north? Aravallis
29. Which plate movement is responsible for the formation of mid-ocean ridge? Divergent Movement
30. Which is the largest volcano crater in the world? Lake Toba
31. In India, how many States share the coastline? 9
32. The tornadoes are very strong tropical cyclones originating in which sea? Caribbean Sea
33. The Vindhyas belong to which class of mountains? Block mountains
34. Which is the World’s largest producer of wool? Australia
35. Which soil is also known as ‘Regur’ ? Black Soil
36. what is known as soil-free farming? Hydroponics
37. If it is 4 P.M. on Monday at 150°W, what will be the time at 150°E? 12 Noon on Tuesday
38. Dry winds (harmattan) blows in Sahara desert from? East to West
39. Which industry in India was worst affected because of the partition? Jute & Cotton
40. What is exact time taken by the earth for single rotation on its own axis? 23 hrs 56 mins 4.09 sec
41. Because of which factor, clouds do not precipitate in deserts? Low Humidity
42. Which river crosses the equator twice? Congo

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43. Under which climatic conditions do the laterite soils develop? Wet Tropical Climate
44. Which is the most important factor in soil formation? Climate
45. The deepest surface depression on earth is ? Mariana Trench
46. The word “isoneph” represents the lines of equal….? Cloudiness
47. Country through which both Equator and Tropic of Capricorn pass? Brazil
48. What is the name of the soil, rich in calcium ? Pedocal
49. Which lake is known as “honeymoon lake”? Lake Titicaca
50. Which country has maximum damage to forests been caused by acid rain? Poland
51. Which country is situated geographically in America but politically a partof Europe?Greenland
52. The fertile land between two rivers is called ? Doab
53. Which Strait separates Africa from Europe? Strait of Gibraltar
54. Which is the fastest growing tree? Eucalyptus
55. Which tree require minimum water for its growth? Babool
56. Which plain formed due to the weathering of lime stone? Karst Plains
57. To an astronaut, how does outer space appear? Black
58. Which river crosses tropic of Capricorn twice? Limpopo river
59. What is associated with a savanna climate? Scrub
60. Which kind of forests is found in silent valley of Kerala? Tropical Rain Forests
61. Which is the largest island in the Indian Ocean? Madagascar
62. In how many time zones has the world been divided into? 24
63. Which soil is very hard to cultivate? Sandy soil
64. What separates Daman & Diya? Gulf of Khambat
65. Which connects the ocean floor level with the continent? Continental slope
66. Port Blair – the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is located inwhich island?South Andaman
67. Which is the State with the largest area under waste land? Jammu & Kashmir
68. Which crop are grain with the on set of monsoon & are harvested inSeptember-October?Kharif
69. Which river basin is called ‘Ruhr of India’? Damodar
70. Which is considered to have an adverse effect on Indian Monsoon? El Nino
71. Which is the longest inland waterways in the world? Mississippi river system
72. In which latitudes are the seasonal contrasts maximum? Mid Latitudes
73. Which state in India is known as “Rice Bowl”? Andhra Pradesh
74. What are Doldrums? Tropical no wind belt
75. “Valley of flowers” is located in which state? Uttrakhand
76. Which is called ‘Herring Pond’? Atlantic ocean
77. What is the name of India’s southern tip? Indira Point
78. Lines joining places receiving equal amount of rain fall? Isohytes
79. What is the reason behind the declining climate of Maldives ? High Population Density
80. Which place gets the least rainfall in India? Jodhpur
81. Which hill station is known as the “Queen of Satpura”? Panchmarhi
82. Which are the two volcanic islands in the Indian territory? Narcoam & Barren
83. Which is the longest national highway? NH 7
84. India is divided into how many seismic zones according to the earthquakezoning map?4
85. In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located? Rajasthan
86. Which one is the longest river in India that flows entirely within India? Godavari

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87. Which lake has been formed due to tectonic activities? Wular lake
88. By what name is the Ganga known in Bangladesh? Padma
89. Which State produces maximum pulses in the country? Madhya Pradesh
90. Which is the largest fresh water lake in the world? Lake Superior
91. Where is Sargasso sea located? North Atlantic Ocean
92. Which State has the largest coastline in India? Gujarat
93. Duncan Passage is located between which regions? South & Little Andaman
94. The Sivasamudram Falls is on which river? Cauvery
95. Which Warm dry wind blows down the east slopes of Rockies? Chinook
96. Which planet is known as veiled planet? Venus
97. Which Strait which separates Asia from North America? Bering strait
98. How many islands of India are located in the Bay of Bengal? 204
99. What happens when a sudden fall in the barometric reading? Storm
100. Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite? Australia

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