TOP 100 Question of Polity- For SSC, Railway, RRB,UPSC and Govt exam

Polity gk in one liner

1.In India, President is elected by which method? Single Transferable Vote

2. Till now, the Preamble of Constitution of India has been amended for howmany times?Once

3. Who is competent to dissolve the Rajya Sabha? No one

4. Which were the first two states in India to establishe Panchayati Raj in1956?Rajasthan & AndhraPradesh

5. How long a person should have practiced in a High Court to be eligible tobe appointed as a Judge of SupremeCourt of India?10 years

6. What can be the maximum interval between two sessions of parliament? 6 months

7. ‘Shakti – Sthal’ is related to whom? Smt. Indira Gandhi

8. To whom does the Public Accounts Committee submit its report? Speaker of Lok Sabha

9. Who is known as the first Law Officer of India? Attorney General of India

10. Which provision of the Fundamental Rights is directly relates to theexploitation of children?A 24

11. What is the chief source of political power in India? The People

12. Fundamental Duties were added by which constitutional amendment? 42nd CAA

13. In which year were the first general election held in India? 1951-52

14. The only instance when the President of India exercised his power of veto? Indian Post Office(Amendment      Bill),1986

15. The Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution is related to ? Recognized languages

16. Who is longest serving speaker of lok sabha? Balram Jhakar

17. What is the quorum of Lok sabha ? 1/10th of total membership

18. When Constitution was framed, how many Schedules were there? Eight

19. Who is the chairman of Kendriya Hindi Samiti ? Prime Minister

20. Which part of the Constitution of India talks about the Municipalities? Part IX (A)

21. Who proposed the creation of a Preamble before the Drafting Committee? J.L. Nehru

22. Who said Preamble is the keynote to the Constitution? Ernest Barker

23. The idea of a Constituent Assembly to form a Constitution of India was firstmooted by whom?M.N. Roy in 1927

24. What is the lowest stage of the local Government? Gram Panchayat

25. Who has been the only Lok Sabha Speaker to have become the Presidentof India ?Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

26. Which Constitutional Article lays down qualification for becoming a voter? A 326

27. Who was the Defence Minister of India during the Indo- China war of1962?V.K. Krishna Menon

28. The Indian Parliament passed the States Reorganisation Act in which year? 1956

29. Which case determined that the Preamble is a part of the constitution? Keshvananda Bharti case

30. Which part of Constitution emphasises the welfare aspect of the State? DPSP

31. Who is the Supreme Commander of India’s armed forces? President of India

32. When was All India Services Act enacted? 15th october 1951

33. Once a Budget has been presented in the Parliament, the government hasto get all money bills related to the union budget passed within __?75 days

34. After how many years is the President of USA is elected? 4 years

35. Which has been the most amended as also the most controversialFundamental Right ?Right to property

36. What is the current age of retirement of judges from supreme courts andhigh courts respectively in India?65 yrs & 62 yrs

37. Which writ examines the functioning of Subordinate Courts? Certiorari

38. The concept of fundamental duties of Indian constitution was borrowed from which country ? Russia

39. Who works as the Chairman of a Zonal Council in India? Home Minister

40. From which fund is the pension of a High Court Judge charged? Consolidated Fund of India

41. Which commission was formed in 1983 to recommend the relationship andbalance of power between state and central governments ?Sarkaria Committee

42. What Minimum age is required to contest for President ship? 35 years

43. Who is current Chief Justice of India? Justice J S Khehar

44. In which years did the Right to Information Act come into force? 2005

45. From where can a Member of Parliament claim immunity? From Civil cases only

46. In India, Administrative head of Union Territories is__? Lieutenant Governor

47.Which was the only President of India who elected unopposed? Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

48.The inspiration ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ was derived from which revolution? French revolution

50. What is the maximum number of elected members in a State Assembly? 500

51. The Prime Minister of India who did not face the Union Parliament was__? Chaudhary Charan Singh

52. What is the electorate for a Panchayat? Gram sabha

53. The first Governor ever to be dismissed by the President was__? Prabhu Das Patwari

54. Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India? Either House of Parliament

55. Judicial Review in the Indian Constitution is based on__? Procedure established bylaw

56. Who collects the House Tax? Municipality Corporation

57. Who is the chairman of national integration council ? Prime Minister

58. Which is the only Union Territory that has a High Court of its own? Delhi

60. First woman speaker of Lok Sabha __? Meira Kumar

61. The first census was conducted in India at the time of which governor general?Lord Mayo

62. In the year 2006, which programme was launched for the welfare ofminorities?Prime Minister’s New 15-

63. An additional judge of a High Court holds office for a period of __? 2years

64. In which country did the concept of Public Interest Litigation originated? United States

65. Which was the first linguistic state? Andhra Pradesh

66. Which writ is issued by the court in’ case of illegal detention of a person? Habeas Corpus

67. What is the total number of Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution?11

68. All the cases regarding interpretation of the Constitution can be brought tothe Supreme Court under its__?Appellate jurisdiction

69. The Supreme Court originally consisted of how many other judges besidesthe Chief Justice ?Seven

70. By whom is the Contingency Fund of the State operated? Governor

71. What is the source of “we the people” in the Preamble ? United Nations

72. Ambedkar had said the “Article……should normally remain a ‘dead letter’and would be used only in the ‘last resort’ ??Article 356

73. Which Constitutional Amendment banned the floor crossing in Parliament? 52nd CAA

74. When the Vice-President acts as President, whose salary does he draw? President

75. Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha? G. V. Mavlankar

76. Under which Constitutional Amendment, provision for minimum age as 18years for the Indian citizen was made to become eligible to vote?61st CAA , 1989

77. For how many months can the proclamation of emergency at the firstinstance be restricted?Six Months

78. The President of India can nominate to how many members to Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha respectively?12 & 2

79. How many times Indian Constitution has been amended ? 101

80. Which committee was appointed by the government of India in 1986 to revitalize panchayati raj institutions for democracy and development ?L.M.Singhvi Committee

81. A National emergency on the grounds of security threat is proclaimed under which article ?A 352

82. By which amendment Delhi was designated as National Capital Territory ? 69th CAA

83. In India, a three tier Panchayat is envisaged for states which have apopulation above ?20 lacs

84. Who presides over the joint sitting of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha ? Speaker of Lok Sabha

85. On which date a separate constituent assembly was set up for Pakistan? 3rd June 1947

86. Jurisdiction of which high courts covers the Union Territory ofLakshadweep?Kerala HC

87. How many subjects are in the Union list? 97

88. On which date Constitution of India was adopted and enacted by theConstituent Assembly?26th Nov. 1949

89. Which of the following British Prime Ministers sent Cripps Mission to India? Winston Churchill

90. The statewise allocation of seats in Lok Sabha is based on the 1971 Census.Upto which year does the remain intact?2026

91. Which Commission made the recommendations which formed the basisfor the Punjab Reorganisations Act which created the states Punjab andHaryana?Shah Commission

92. Where was the first Municipal Corporation set up in India? Madras

93. Who was the first woman to become the Prime Minister of a country? Sirimavo Bhandharnaike

94. The allocation of seats in present Lok Sabha is based on which Census? 1971

95. In the Indian Constitution the Right to Equality is granted by five Articles.They are ?A16 to A20

96. Who is regarded as the father of Indian economic reform ? Manmohan Singh

97. Who elects the member of Rajya Sabha? Elected members ofLegislative Assembly

98. In which year Rajya Sabha was established? 1952

99. Who decides whether a bill is a money Bill or not? Speaker of Lok Sabha

100. Which State has the highest number of reserve seats for the ScheduledTribes in the Lok Sabha?Madhya Pradesh




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