Top 20 Question of Skeleton System- SSC,Railway,Bank,And Other Exam

Top 20 Question of Skeleton System lead the Competition provides Top 20 Question of Skeleton System questions on skeletal system for SSC,railway,bank,entrance,state and other exams.

Top 20 Question of Skeleton System

1. How many bones does a human skeleton have?
Answer – 206 (Two hundred six)

2. Which is the longest bone present in our body.
Answer: – Femur

3. How many vertebrae does a human backbone have?
Answer – 33 (Thirty three)

4. How many pairs of ribs present in the rib cage?
Answer – 12 (twelve) pairs of ribs

5. How many bones are present in an adult human?
Answer – 206 (Twenty hundred six)

6. Which of our organs is protected by skull?
Answer – Brain

7. Which of our organs are protected by rib cage?
Answer – Heart and lungs

8. Which type of joint is present in your keen?
Answer – Hinge joint.

9. What type of joint is present in your hip?
Answer – Ball and socket joint.

10. Which is the largest part of the brain?
Answer – Cerebellum

11. What type of joint do you find in your wrist? and ankle.
Answer – Gliding joint

12. What type of joint do you find in your ankle?
Answer – Gliding joint

13. Which parts of the brain do control the heart beat?
Answer – Medulla.

14. Which organs of body do store information in our memory?
Answer – Brain

15. What is the name of system which does control the different organs of our body?
Answer – Nervous system.

16. Where does our bone marrow found?
Answer – Bones.

17. Which of the jaws does enable us to talk and eat?
Answer – Lower jaw

18. Which organ does enable us to see things around us?
Answer – Eye.

19. Which organ is responsible for reflex action?
Answer – Spinal cord.

20. The brain, spinal cord and nerves collectively form what?
Answer – Nersous system

21. Our brain is divided in how many parts?
Answer – Three

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