UPSC SCRA syllabus&exam pattern 2018

UPSC-SCRA-2018 Syllabus

UPSC SCRA syllabus 2018 exam pattern

In this article, we are providing to UPSC SCRA Syllabus 2018. Those candidates who want to check with UPSC SCRA syllabus 2018 can check our web page. Eligible and interested candidates have applied for SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentice) exam and now they are searching UPSC SCRA syllabus 2018 along with UPSC Exam Pattern 2018.

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  • General Ability test
  • Physical sciences
  • Mathematics

UPSC SCRA Exam Pattern 2018

Papers Subject name Exam duration Total Marks
Paper I General Ability Test (English, General Knowledge, and Psychological test ) 2 hours 200
Paper II Physical Science (Physics and Chemistry) 2 hours 200
Paper III Mathematics 2 hours 200
Total  marks 600

General Ability Test: This section includes three section:

  • English: – Understanding of English will be tested in this paper.
  • General Knowledge: – General awareness, Current affairs, Geography, History, Civics, Economics, Basic Biology
  • Psychological test: – Basic Intelligence

Paper II: – Physical Science

  • Physics: – Up to class 12th level
  • Chemistry: – Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry up to class 12th level

Paper III: – Mathematics

Algebra, Analytic geometry, integral calculus, Trigonometry, Vectors, statistics, Probability, Differential equations, Questions from the above topics will be up to class 12th level.

UPSC SCRA Exam syllabus 2018

Those candidates who are going to attempt the examination may download UPSC SCRA Syllabus 2018 with the exam pattern in pdf format. It is the correct method to know the exact scheme of the exam. Complete UPSC is available here to download. Candidates are advised to keep connected with our web page for checking current updates related exam. The syllabus is crucial to each and every candidate who is preparing for the SCRA Exam.

UPSC SCRA Syllabus for General Ability Test

SCRA English Syllabus

English Grammar Reading skills
Comprehension Sentence formation and structure
One Word Substitution Tenses
Vocabulary Logical Sequencing
Error Correction

SCRA General Knowledge Syllabus

General AwarenessCurrent

Awareness-CurrentNews Science in everyday life
Corporate & Sports News Social Disorganization in India
Indian Constitution Geography
History Culture
Economy Literature
Psychology Syllabus
  • Basic intelligence
  • Mechanical Aptitude

UPSC SCRA Syllabus for Physical Sciences

SCRA Physics syllabus
Measurement of time and mass Momentum, impulse, work, energy, and power
Straight line motion and relationships among displacement, velocity and acceleration Equilibrium of bodies under the action of forces
Pressure in a fluid and its variation with depth Mechanical equivalent of heat
Coefficient of friction Newton’s Laws of Motion
Mass & Weight Velocity and Acceleration
Simple Harmonic motion Reflection and refraction of light
Microscopes and telescopes Electric current
Magnetic effect of current Laws of electrolysis
Electromagnetic induction Nuclear energy: fission and fusion
SCRA Physical chemistry Syllabus
Atomic structure Atomic radii, Electro-negativity in period and groups
Chemical Bonding Energy changes in a chemical reaction
Chemical Equilibria and rates of reactions Solutions
Electro-Chemistry Oxidation-Reduction
Effect of Pressure Natural and Artificial Radioactivity
SCRA Inorganic chemistry Syllabus
Brief Treatment of Elements and their industrially important compounds Hydrogen
Group I Elements Group II Elements
Group III Elements Group IV Elements
Group V Elements Group VI Elements
Group VII Elements Group O (Noble gases)
Metallurgical Processes
SCRA Organic Chemistry Syllabus
Tetrahedral nature of Carbon Single and multiple bonds
Shapes of molecules Geometrical and optical isomerism
General methods of preparation, properties, and reaction of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes Halogen derivatives
Hydroxy Compounds Ethers, Aldehydes, and Ketones
Nitro compounds amines Carboxylic Acid, Esters, Polymers
Nonstructural treatment of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Lipids, amino acids and proteins – Vitamins and hormones
UPSC SCRA Syllabus for Mathematics
Algebra Trigonometry
Analytic Geometry Differential Calculus
Integral Calculus Differential Equations
Vectors & its Applications Statistics


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